Utilities, businesses, and homeowners know that it is cheaper to save energy than to buy energy or build more power plants.

EnerPath has been in the energy efficiency business for over 20 years. Utilities, cities and corporations in the United States and Canada have turned to EnerPath to deliver large-scale energy efficiency programs to the mass-market.

What do we do?
  • Work seamlessly with clients to execute large-scale energy efficiency programs
  • Consistently exceed our clients' objectives
  • Maximize adoption of cost-effective energy efficiency measures

We make energy efficiency easy for utilities, communities and end-use customers. Our programs have been recognized among the most innovative in the industry. EnerPath’s programs continually achieve participation rates of over 85% and customer satisfaction rates of over 99%. Our customers learn first-hand how easy and cost-effective energy-efficiency can be.

How do we do it?
Our Enterprise Software Solutions, EnerWorks, ties together the entire delivery process in real-time. The EnerWorks platform links energy audits and installation in the field to the data-mining and the continuous program reporting at the office. EnerPath’s Unique Programs leverage our EnerWorks software to deliver turnkey energy-efficiency programs with predictable, reliable, quantifiable result. Since we do not manufacture any equipment such as lights or air conditioners, we help you select and deliver the most appropriate technologies to meet the program’s objectives.

Read more about EnerWorks, our Enerprise Software Solutions.

Turnkey Energy Efficiency Programs
EnerPath manages all aspects of turnkey energy efficiency programs for the mass-market to provide predictable, reliable and quantifiable results.

  We make energy efficiency easy.